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KIM HAMILTON has been a professional artist for almost 20 years, citing Russian Constructivism and Swiss movements as influences, with Art Nouveau and Bauhaus thrown into the mix. Paints. Draws. Mucks about. Digital Gunslinger.

She says one of the most important things is to create and not worry too much about trends. Her best work involves the collaboration of a team while incorporating time for designers and other creative disciplines to be left on their own, only to come back together and develop truly outstanding projects. Hamilton prefers a clean look for design and body copy. Futura, modern. Garamond, classic. She is trained in Advertising Art and Advanced Graphic Design at Red River College.

Since graduation, clients include the Province of Manitoba as well as top names in the international automotive, sporting goods, fishing, clothing, hotel and hospitality industries. Other clients include tourism associations, non-profits and post-secondary institutions throughout Canada.



ROB BROWN is a nine-time AWNA award winning writer, investigative journalist, photographer and media consultant. Beginning his career in 1998, he is without question the busiest writer in Canada over the last decade, having filed more than 5,000 stories for publications and media organizations/outlets.

Writing spans from weekly publications to quarterly magazines, daily newspapers to anthologies, the stage, small print shops and national media outlets. He has live and on-air television, radio, film and theatre experience. With over a decade of consultation and advising work with municipal and provincial election campaign management, his candidate readiness and preparation(s) strategies bring success and votes. He has scripted for the stage as well being a published poet and music critic with over 15 solid years work behind him and a decade long film review column.

Unmatched consultation work and board of director-level experience on non-profits, political organizations and media in communications, development and strategy. He has helped rebuild organizations and create new non-profits from scratch with operating and project budgets exceeding $8 million. A bookable guest speaker on numerous media topics and has spoken throughout Canada and North America at various post-secondary institutions.